Bryan Park Maps and Photos


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Map of William Young’s Westbrook (1830s) showing property distribution between John B Young and Rosina Young Mordecai, with labels of Important features.

Mickler 1867 Map of Northside Richmond, showing Bryan Park vicinity.

Survey of Rosewood in 1909, estate of Mrs R. U. Mordecai, prior to being given to City by Bryan Family.

Bryan Park Watersheds Map: Henrico GIS watersheds 2019


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Bryan Park highway marker

Original stone memorial gate while under construction ca 1911.

Bryan Park stone memorial gate relocated by Virginia Highway Department ca 1955.

Young’s Mill site located at the South East corner of Young’s Pond.

Dam and rocks below Youngs Millpond, Youngs Spring is to the right.

Keepers House and Northside Parks Operations

Tourist Camp House after renovation.

Rustic Picnic Shelter, built during the Great Depression.

Front Cover of the Travelers Guide showing Bryan Park Azalea Gardens Pond.

Bryan Park azalea gardens in their prime, 1960-70.

Azalea Gardens Fountain Pond

Friends of Bryan Park Gabriel Play with Honorable Mr and Mrs Frank Thornton, actor Tim Harris and writer Derome Smith.

Centen Celeb, prepping Time Capsule

Bryan Park Nature Center opens May 2014.

Nature Center Environmental Education class.

VMN (Virginia Master Naturalists) Riverines at Native Plant garden.

VMN volunteers build American Bee houses for Nature Center.

HSBC volunteers rehabilitate shelter.

Friends of Bryan Park and Parks personnel build boardwalk over wetland.

VCU volunteers have fun in Bryan Park

CARMAX volunteers rehabilitate shelter one.

Martin Luther King Day of Service, happty volunteers with big bags of trash.

Volunteers at Half-Marathon water stop

Half-Marathon water crew volunteers.

Capital One volunteers in Azalea gardens.

Altria brings an army of volunteers!

JRA and GE volunteers build all-access paths at Nature Center.

GE volunteers build paths and Nature Trail at Nature Center.

Advantage Solution volunteers pull vines in Azalea Beds.

Friends of Bryan Park table at one of many watershed clean-ups.

Friends of Wynn Price plant trees by Azalea Pond.

Friends of Bryan Park acquires Shirley property to protect park.

Friends of Bryan Park Board at Holiday Dinner 2017

Our Azalea Guru Marilyn with son.

Our weed-eater goats devour invasives.

Pygmy Nigerian goats and camping equipment.

Friends of Bryan Park Naturalists wonder when Nature Center will repoen.

Altius Cycling Team 2019 best racers.

Neighborhood input into VCU Bryan Park Vision Plan.

Youngs Spring in Upham Brook Bank today.