On July 14, 2013, volunteers throughout the area took part in the North America Butterfly Count. Bryan Park was chosen as one of the count sites.  Look at what they found in the woods, woods’ margin and open field habitats.  Thank you goes to the Richmond Audubon Society and the Riverine Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists for compiling this list.

Spring Azure: 2

Clouded Sulphur: 4

Monarch on Phlox

Monarch on Phlox

Silver-spotted Skipper: 1

Variegated Fritillary: 1

Eastern Tailed-Blue:  25

NABA Butterfly Count

NABA Butterfly Counters at the Environmental Education Center

Fiery Skipper: 2

Common Buckeye: 1

American Snout Butterfly: 5

Viceroy: 1

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail: 8 (of which two were dark-form females)

Black Swallowtail: 2

Pearl Crescent: 15

Cabbage White: 10

Least Skipper: 3

You can learn all about the  North America  Butterfly Association  here.

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