Flora and Fauna

Bryan Park is the largest protected green space in the City of Richmond north of the Carillon. The Park’s 260 plus acres of forest, gardens, open space and wetlands provide significant wildlife habitat and breeding grounds; the ponds and wetlands are natural environmental cleansing ecosystems.

The climax forest contains beech, oak, and hickory as the predominant trees. Its dense under story composed of dogwoods, hollies and other vegetation is sometimes misunderstood. Many Americans like to be able to see through a forest, a preference which may have originated in colonial times when a dense under story could have hidden an enemy.

Bryan Park’s dense under story is unusual because similar conditions seldom can be found within the national parks and forests in Virginia, where white-tailed deer have foraged extensively and reduced the under story to almost nothing. The vegetative under story in parts of the park has grown to its full potential and serves as a nursery for young plants and animals, offering protection from enemies, food and shelter.

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