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Attentive Nature Center class listens to Adolph

Attentive Nature Center class listens to Adolph teach about Purple Martins (and their relationship with dragonflies!)


17 of us joined magical teacher Leanna to learn about many of the mammals living in the park.

For our first Nature Center event in 2014, 17 of us joined magical teacher Leeanna to learn about many of the mammals living in the park. And we found more than just mammals! Please join us for our next adventure!

Parking at Shelter 1 is recommended. There is a short 10 minute walk to the Nature Center. Simply follow the signs starting at Shelter 1. They will point the way.

Please ask questions or pre-register at this address, On the day of the event, anyone is welcome to take part if there is still room in the class. A small donation ($3-$5 per adult) is welcome to help keep our programs running, but is optional.

March 26, 2016  A Bryan Park Nature Walk:  Larry Rohr picks up all sorts of feathers, bones and other stuff when he plays Frisbee golf. Come see Larry’s collection of nature items and listen to his explanations. After a while we will leave the Nature Center and explore the nearby area to see what we can find like Larry! 10:30 am-noon at the Nature Center.

Purple Martin Colony

Rex Springston, former environment reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch

April 16, 2016 Our Friends, the Snakes: Rex Springston, former environment reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, will speak on “Our Friends the Snakes” from 10:30 to noon at the Nature Center. The program is aimed at children and includes a snake hunt.

April 21, 2016 Garden Insects: The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys:  Garden pests got you down?  Worried about the negative effects of garden chemicals?  There are beneficial bugs who would be happy to help!  Learn who our insect heroes are and find out the best ways to manage the bad guys and encurage the good guys at the Nature Center, 7-8pm.

May 1, 2016 Butterflies:  Find out things you never knew about our beautiful and interesting native butterflies at 2:00 pm in the Nature Center!  Discover how they change from creepy crawlers to winged wonders.  Learn the two types of plants they must have, and how you can invite butterflies into your own yard!

Purple Martin Colony

Purple Martin Colony-Photo by Charlene Lanno

May 14, 2016 Purple Martins:  Adolph White, manager of Bryan Park’s Purple Martins nesting colony for six years, with his assistant, Victoria Cooper, will give a presentation on how to establish a Purple Martin nesting colony. This presentation will include dealing with predators and competitors such as snakes and hawks, house sparrows, tree sparrows, wrens, and blue birds. You will learn how to prevent these intruders from chasing the purple martins away and taking control of the nesting location.  For those of you who have bird feeders in your backyard, a segment of this presentation will show you how to set up safe bird feeders for your visiting birds.  This program will be a question and answer format. Please meet at the Purple Martin houses at 10:30 am-noon.

May 19, 2016 Seeing the Forest- Wolf Trees, Wind Flowers, & Woodpeckers: Find out what a “wolf tree” is and why it’s in Bryan Park. Learn what tree flowers look like and why wind is important to them. Look for woodpeckers, and learn why wolf trees, old trees and dead limbs are important to them. A Master Naturalist will lead a short walk in the woods around the Nature Center and then show materials and explain the fun and importance of seeing the forest as more than just trees.

June 11, 2016 The Cane Connection: Join Julie and Cynthia of the Cane Connection. Come learn how to cane a chair. This program is aimed at families and begins at 10:30 am at the Nature Center. You must register at in order to participate and seating is limited!

July 9, 2016 Edible Plants:  Weather permitting, let’s explore Bryan Park for edible plants and we will have a sample beginning at 10:30am at the Nature Center! The Vegetarian Festival in the Azalea Gardens also begins around noon.

July 14, 2016 Edible Mushrooms of Virginia:  Matt Groner, long time mushroom forager and member of the Cumberland Mycology Society, will give an overview of edible mushroom species that grow wild in Virginia. The presentation will include how to find and identify edible mushrooms in Virginia beginning at 7 pm in the Nature Center.

Interior of our Nature Center

Interior of our Nature Center

September 24, 2016 Nature Journaling in the Park:  Even non-artists can apply pen & paper to magically transform their experience of the park and other natural areas. Discover for yourself the many and varied benefits of a nature journaling practice. This will be a hands-on, outdoor workshop, guaranteed to help you dive deeper into natural wonders all around. Materials provided. Meet Lynn at the Nature Center 10:30 am. Bring something to sit on and register at because the class limit is 20.


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Passionflower in Bryan Park

Passionflower in Bryan Park

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