The Park

Jordan's Branch Trail

Jordan’s Branch Trail

Joseph Bryan Park offers experiences for just about anyone who likes to be outdoors.  Friends of Bryan Park supports appropriate uses for the park — uses that leave much of the park in its natural state while balancing that with more public uses, such as soccer and disc golf.

The Friends also advocate for the park.  The group was formed when the City of Richmond proposed to turn the ignored and dilapidated park into a golf course, back in the mid 1990’s.  Citizens were determined to keep the park a place for all to enjoy, not just the members of the golfing community.  Over the years, with the diligence of volunteers and eventually a park staff who truly cared about the park, it has made a phenomenal comeback.  There is work to do, but compared to the mid 1990’s when many were afraid to visit the area, it bustles with activity.

Popular park activities include walking, running (both road & cross-country), picnicking, duck feeding (always a favorite of the little ones), bird watching, cycling (both road & mountain biking), sledding (wildly popular on those rare but joyous occasions when weather permits), kite flying, azalea care, and  disc golf.

Fishing is again possible, because the ponds are stocked. The dredging of Upper Young’s Pond in the mid-1990’s had eliminated its fish population (including sunfish, a few bass, and many 18 inch carp), and the lack of siltation control resulted in kills of many of the fish in Lower Young’s Pond. Now fish, especially catfish, are present as evidenced by the return of Great Blue Herons, the park’s most avid fishers. Because the lakes are already badly refilled with sediment, in 2014 the Corps of Engineers has the funds and a plan to dredge both lakes, with a goal of improving habitat and water quality.

Launching Coast Guard boat

Adam and Mike Launch Coast Guard boat

The Central Virginia Soccer Association has built and maintains the several soccer fields in the park. This highly energetic and popular sport has brought a valuable and heavily attended activity to Bryan Park.

In 2014 a sand volleyball court beside Shelter 1 was completed.  Come on out and play, but remember to bring your own volleyball.

Meanwhile, take a look around our website.  Then come visit our park. Very few visit it who don’t want to come back!


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